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Introduction of alien (non-native) species is a global problem. Economic damage caused by exotic animals, plants and insects is estimated at $137 billion per year in the United States alone. International trade and the global exchange of trade goods are responsible for the movement of many destructive alien species.

ISPM 15 is a regulation developed by the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization to reduce the number of exotic insects which are moved around the world in wood packaging used to protect trade goods during international transport. 127 UN member states have agreed to enforce ISPM 15, which mandates that all solid wood used for international trade must be heat treated or fumigated to ensure that pallets, crates, dunnage and etc is insect free.

Major trading nations such as the United States have already implemented ISPM 15 and will enforce compliance starting Jan 1 2005. Penalties for non-compliance include confiscation of shipments while wood is removed and return of non-conforming wood packaging to it's origin, with costs to be borne by the shipper.

The IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) is responsible for developing treatment standards and certification procedures that govern the implementation of ISPM 15. Treated wood must bear the IPPC brand which is proof that treatment has been carried out using approved methods which meet the ISPM standard.

All exporters should plan to utilize treated wood products for their international shipments as soon as possible, because enforcement will begin soon. (Enforcement dates vary by country, and some have not yet been finalized).

Air Dispatch Ltd. is an IPPC-certified provider of treated wood packaging, utilizing the methyl promide fumigation method under approved conditions. We can provide any configuration of pallet or crate constructed to the highest quality standards, using wood marked with our IPPC brand. This logo includes our IPPC number which is recognized and accepted by agriculture inspectors worldwide as proof that our wood packaging meets the ISPM 15 standard.

Pricing and leadtimes for our IPPC-approved wood packaging service can be obtained by calling 02-566-3170 or by sending an email to